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in the vast desert in majiatan county, lingwu city, ningxia hui autonomous region, more than 3.7 million photovoltaic panels combine into a “blue ocean”. this is the chn energy eastern ningxia 2-million-kilowatt compound photovoltaic base, one of china's first batch of large-scale wind-solar photovoltaic base projects with a capacity of 100 gw. ningxia, a northwest inland province, plays a vital role in china’s west-to-east power transmission program. its electricity has been delivered to more than 10 eastern provinces including shandong and zhejiang.

lingwu city is rich in coal resources, with many mining areas developed over the years. by utilizing the barren hills and slopes in the coal mining subsidence areas and goafs, chn energy established the photovoltaic base according to local conditions.

an unmanned cleaning robot in operation in the photovoltaic base on march 27.

ningxia has made continuous efforts to promote the development of the clean energy industry, with the utilization rate of new energy exceeding 97 percent for five consecutive years. by the end of 2023, ningxia's new energy installed capacity exceeded 36 gw, and the per capita installed capacity of new energy reached 5 kilowatts, making it the province with the most robust development of new energy installed capacity per unit of land area. it is estimated that the installed capacity will exceed 32.5 gw by 2025.