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on january 30th, the third unit of fujian jinjiang thermal power plant, a subsidiary of china energy, recently successfully completed a 96-hour full-load trial operation. this marks the first ultra-high temperature subcritical back-pressure thermal power unit in fujian province.

the unit is a 50-megawatt ultra-high temperature subcritical back-pressure heating unit, identified as a key construction project for the year 2023 by the local governments of fujian province, quanzhou city, and jinjiang city. upon completion, the maximum heating capacity of the project can reach 610 tons per hour, with an annual additional heating capacity of 1.3 million tons. the annual heating capacity can exceed 4.5 million tons, effectively replacing inefficient and polluting small boilers used by heating users, ensuring clean and efficient energy supply, and guaranteeing regional heating safety.

it is understood that china energy's fujian jinjiang thermal power plant is located in the andong industrial park of jinjiang economic development zone. it serves as the sole centralized heating source in the southwestern area of jinjiang city, covering heating areas in anhai town and andong park, among others. the main recipients of heating services include 133 enterprises in industries such as papermaking, dyeing, leather, and food production.