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 on january 14th, the annual grand ceremony of the rural revitalization brand festival, organized by the china agricultural film and television center of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, was held in huailai county, hebei. china energy’s creating a beautiful farm, enriching winter agriculture – facilitating prosperity and income increase for the people of ningcheng through facility agriculture was selected as a demonstrative case of social responsibility in the rural revitalization empowerment plan.

china energy adheres to the construction of high-quality facility agriculture as the preferred path to drive industrial development. since undertaking the designated assistance task in ningcheng county in 2016, the group has invested over 60 million yuan, supporting the construction of five modern facility agriculture industrial parks and 183 daylight greenhouses, covering a total area of over 2000 acres. through forms such as land transfer, park operation, employment, and cooperative management, the project has effectively helped 476 local households with 1546 individuals to prosper and increase their income. in 2023, china energy successfully developed a split-type integral forming corrosion-resistant storage tank using advanced cross-linked polyethylene materials in the bailihan facility industrial park in ningcheng county. currently, the project involves the annual production of approximately 9,000 tons of fruits and vegetables, with an annual output value of about 34 million yuan and an average income increase of about 60,000 yuan per household.

china energy actively shoulders social responsibility, supporting designated assistance and paired support counties such as butuo, puge, qumalai, mizhi, wubu, ningcheng, youyu, nierong, and gangcha. it continuously consolidates and expands the achievements in poverty alleviation, promoting comprehensive revitalization in five aspects: industry, talent, culture, ecology, and organization, in various regions.