china energy's annual power generation exceeds 1.2 trillion kilowatt-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

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as of december 31, 2023, china energy's annual power generation reached 12,158 billion kilowatt-hours, surpassing 1.2 trillion kilowatt-hours for the first time, significantly ensuring the stability of the national energy supply.

in 2023, china energy actively played the role of an "anchor" in energy supply, putting into operation 9.504 million kilowatts of clean and efficient coal-fired units in xinjiang zhundong, hunan yueyang, and other places, with over 50 units exceeding one million kilowatts. it completed and put into operation the first phase of the national “desert, gobi, wasteland” large-scale wind and solar base, a 1 million kilowatt photovoltaic project in guoneng ningdong, and other new energy mega base projects, providing strong support for the steady growth of domestic energy demand. the management focus remained on "high startup rate, high load factor, long continuous operation." thermal power generation increased by 5.4% year-on-year, maintaining the first place nationwide, while new energy generation increased by 22.8% year-on-year. the annual power generation accounted for approximately 14% of the national total, exceeding the installed capacity ratio by about 3 percentage points, providing solid assurance for the stability of the power system under the new situation. the group consolidated and expanded the normal and long-term guarantee mechanism, with the daily cumulative power generation breaking through 4 billion kilowatt-hours 15 times, successfully completing the supply tasks during important periods such as peak demand, summer and winter peaks, major sports events, the asian games, and the key regions.

china energy has a complete industry chain business, including coal, electricity, transportation, and chemical industry. relying on the integrated core advantages of "coal, electricity, port, shipping, and chemical," it coordinates the promotion of integrated industry synergy, continuously optimizes the energy structure, and improves the stability and security of energy supply. in 2023, it achieved stable and high-yield coal production, stable and full-scale power generation, and smooth and efficient transportation, effectively ensuring stable energy and power supply in various regions.