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on november 27th, the qinggang photovoltaic power station in the dadu river basin, developed by china energy, received official approval for its power generation business license from the sichuan supervision office of the national energy administration, marking the company's first operation license for a centralized photovoltaic power station.

qinggang photovoltaic farm nearby dadu river

the qinggang photovoltaic power station is the first newly commissioned centralized renewable energy power station by the dadu river company. it has a designed total installed capacity of 100,000 kilowatts and an annual electricity generation capacity of 14,438,000 kilowatt-hours. it is expected to save approximately 47,300 tons of standard coal annually after being put into operation. the photovoltaic power station, in conjunction with the dadu river midstream pubugou hydropower station, creates a synergy of water and light, effectively enhancing the power generation capacity during the hydropower station's low-water periods. this integration improves the clean energy utilization level, electricity system efficiency, optimizes the energy structure in the dadu river basin, and ensures energy supply security.

the approval of this license signifies the dadu river basin's first photovoltaic power station's successful entry into the electricity market, obtaining the statutory qualification to participate in electricity market competition. this ensures the company's lawful and compliant operation and accumulates valuable experience for the dadu river company to accelerate the development of its water, wind, and solar clean energy base.