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pollution prevention and control

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pollution and carbon reduction in numbers

case study: shendong coal group — green is the background color of the mine

shendong coal group has promoted the comprehensive management of ecological environment in accordance with the inherent law of the ecosystem, gradually forming a management system with relevant technology. it has carried out the treatment of smoke and dust from coal-fired boilers to meet the established standards to achieve clean heating. it has innovated the comprehensive underground dust removal measures to prevent and control the discharge of waste water, gas and slag. it has taken targeted measures to deal with the problems of pollution in the whole process of coal mining, including waste slag, gas and water, to achieve the goal of high-quality development with good economic performance, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution.

jiangsu branch — environmental protection for green and low-carbon development

the seven power plants of china energy jiangsu branch are located on both banks of the yangtze river. following the authority’s call for “advancing the coordinated conservation instead of exploitation of the yangtze economic belt,” the company has set environmental protection targets to prevent and control the discharge of waste water, slag, dust and noise. with its geographical location by the yangtze river, the company has taken it as its responsibility to protect the river and contribute to the economic development of the yangtze river economic belt. it has steadfastly given priority to ecological protection for high-quality green development. environmental protection has been a highlight of the green and low-carbon development of jiangsu branch. its performance in environmental protection is taking the lead in the industry, with its annual sulfur dioxide emission decreasing by 17 percent year on year and nitrogen oxide emission decreasing by 8.3 percent.