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china energy carries forward carbon emissions inspection and carbon trading

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china energy recently carried out work related to carbon emissions inspection and carbon trading in an all-round manner, in an effort to promote low-carbon, green development and lead the national campaign to achieve the goals of carbon emission peaking and carbon neutralization.

china energy includes its 103 coal enterprises (including coal washeries), 160 coal-fired power plants, 15 chemical companies, and 20 transport enterprises (including ports) into the carbon emissions inspection. through self-inspection of emitters, review by subsidiaries and professional services by its carbon asset company, china energy has grasped information about carbon emissions of all of its subsidiary enterprises and established a complete record.

china energy has fulfilled the contracts on carbon trading based on the strategies formulated by its shared service company and through professional services provided by its carbon asset company as well as cooperation and supervision of emitters. in this way, it has not prevented risks but also fulfilled its social responsibilities.