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gd power: promoting workplace safety and breaking new ground for environmental protection

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for a long time, gd power development co., ltd., a subsidiary of china energy, has constantly promoted workplace safety and placed top priority on safe production and environmental protection. in 2020, gd power saw no workplace accidents rated as “average” or above. thirty-two of its power plants have maintained safe production for more than 1,000 consecutive days, and 19 have maintained safe production for more than 3,000 consecutive days. moreover, the company saw no environmental accidents rated as “average” or above last year, and its coal-fired power plants achieved so2 emissions of 0.06g/kwh, nox emissions of 0.14g/kwh, and soot emissions of 0.01g/kwh. in addition, gd power has achieved the goal of zero increase in occupational disease cases.

a worker tests the temperature of the valve at the steam inlet of the high-vapor pressure pipeline of the boiler at dakai power plant.

implementing the safe production campaign. based on its achievements in risk prevention and control in 2020, gd power continues advancing the establishment of a risk prevention and control database and promoting the integration of risk control and the erp system, in an effort to increase its capability in risk prevention and control. it continues implementing the three-year safe production campaign and improving the dual prevention mechanism featuring hierarchical risk control and potential risk monitoring and prevention. by introducing a “dual-list” approach focusing on potential risks and institutional systems, it will strengthen the effort to promote workplace safety and eliminate risks from the source.

workers install control cables for a newly added pc-b distribution box of the dust-cleaning press filter at gd power’s datong power generation co., ltd.

strengthening safety management. gd power continues promoting standardized, safe production, pushing forward the application of 10 major standards and accelerating the standardized development of infrastructure, new energy and coal mining, and has formed a long-term mechanism to consolidate construction results. it has strengthened management of outsourced projects, enhanced full-process and comprehensive supervision, and implemented unified management to ensure safe production in outsourced projects. the company has also promoted workplace safety education and training with innovative methods to enhance employees’ capability to protect themselves and others. it has also intensified emergency management, improved the contingency plan system and regularly carried out emergency response exercises to enhance the capability to respond to emergencies. the company has also strengthened non-planned shutdown management and formulated and implemented targeted measures to control and reduce non-planned shutdowns. moreover, it has strengthened cyber information safety management and taken science-based and timely actions to ensure cyber information safety.

intensifying ecological governance. gd power has built a science-based ecological risk prevention system through strengthening institutional management and implementing an ecological accountability mechanism, and formulated a three-year action plan for environmental protection. with focus on the management of risks for environmental protection, it has pushed forward comprehensive control of disordered discharge of soot, sewage, solid waste, and other pollutants in coal-fired power plants. the company also adopts strict measures to control ecological impact of hydropower plants, strengthens water and soil conservation and ecological restoration of new energy stations, intensifies underground landfills and recycled utilization of industrial waste in coal mines, and comprehensively pushes forward the development of green coal-fired power, green hydropower, green new energy, and green mines. in addition, it has taken an active part in transactions in the carbon market and is committed to research and analysis of market policies to seek favorable accounting methods and seize advantages in the carbon market.

a worker of gd power’s inner mongolia new energy co., ltd. checks electric transmission and transformation equipment.

implementing the three-year action plan for safe production. the management team of gd power is committed to publicizing knowledge about safety production via portal websites and various platforms and activities. the company has formed leadership groups at various levels, headed by leaders responsible for workplace safety, to push forward the implementation of the three-year action plan for safe production. it regularly organizes campaigns to screen potential safety risks and adopts a “dual-list” approach to achieve dynamic management of potential risks and institutional systems.

pushing forward safe production through scientific and technological innovation. gd power strengthens research and application of intelligent equipment for safe production, and pushes forward the application of intelligent robots, face recognition, intelligent terminals and other intelligent devices and technologies in the field of safe production to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of safety management. it has also accelerated construction of intelligent enterprises and enhanced safety management capacity by introducing technologies such as the industrial internet, big data and artificial intelligence. based on their experience in less human monitoring, new energy enterprises have formulated intelligent power generation standards, stepped up the construction of “large-scale wind/solar complementary hydrogen production research and demonstration” project, a national key r&d project, and carried out construction of intelligent power generation system.

in 2021, gd power will continue prioritizing safe production and strengthening safety red line and bottom line consciousness to build an intrinsically safe enterprise and break new ground for green and eco-friendly development.