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We are: @GITRIDE please follow us. (Use the link in the Right Sidebar) We’ll limit our tweets to significant information regarding the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.

Rider Reporters: 

You do not need to register with GITride.com to supply a twitter condition report. You don’t even need to be a bicycle rider for that matter.

If you see a problem or potential problem with the condition of the trails on Grand Illinois Trail Ride Map One, for example, post a condition report with the hashtag: #GITride01. Your input will show up temporarily on the twitter pages listed below.  We’re happy you took the time to point out problems on the trail with your twitter account, but some things need a detailed explanation. Please consider registering with us if you want to publish a more detail report.

Typical Tweet:

#GITride03 GPS 44.02356 -88.567  14″ wide hole in I&M trail Eastbound lane -be careful!

Tweeters: the above example includes map number for riders travelling that map, The GPS coordinates may help a GITride volunteer submit a more detailed review of the hazard. Local municipalities or volunteers can pinpoint issues to address quickly. It all begins with your boots-on-the-ground user input.

Rider Tourists: 

Check TWITTER condition reports

Note: The following links are available in the Top Menu under “REPORTING”

Check DETAILED condition reports