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Trailblazer Profile: Dave Adamic

Gitride Trailblazer: ThrubikerGITride Username: Thrubiker
Grand Illinois Trail Ride TrailBlazer
GITride Trailblazer: 2006-001, 2007-001
Registered Member since July, 2013

Grand Illinois Trail Ride #2006-001

The Plan 
My ride rules
Equipment – List
Equipment – Bike
Equipment – Camp
Equipment – Food
Equipment – Other
Planning – Food
Planning – Rest & Season
Day 1 – It Begins
Day 1 – The panniers
Day 1 – Bicycle Rear View
Day 1 – Bike Control Panel
Day 1 – Fully Dressed Bicycle
Day 1 – And We’re Off
Day 1 – Morris Bridge
Day 1 – OMG this is harder than I expected. Already!
Day 1 – Maybe well revisit those schedule times
Day 2 – Ottawa
Day 2 – Railroad Cutout Tunnel
Day 2 – Sheffield
Day 3 – The Hennepin Canal
Day 3 – The Hennepin Canal Trail Tunnels
Day 3 – Hennepin Canal Trail Bridges
Day 3 – Hennepin Canal Trail Abstract Bridges
Day 3 – Colona
Day 4 – Mississippi River 
Day 4 – Mississippi River Trail Netherlands?
Day 4 – Savanna
Day 5 – Bike Fix Fail
Day 5 – Galena
Day 5 – Who knows hills?
Day 6 – Muscling the bike on Rolling Hills 
Day 6 – Rail Trail Bike Paths
Day 6 – You picked the wrong bridge to sleep under. Boy.
Day 7 – Butt Calisthenics
Day 7 – Into Rockin Rockford
Day 7 – Rode to Caledonia Koo Koo Doan ia
Day 8 – Cheeseheads on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
Day 8 – Yay! My bike glides again.
Day 9 – Breakfast at Camp
Day 9 – Navy Pier
Day 9 – Winding Down
Day 10 – The End of the Ride
The   Results

Grand Illinois Trail Ride #2007-001

Mileage Notes 
Ready for a self-sustained, thrubike style GITride
Another Grand Illinois Trail Ride? Really? 
Pitch the Garage Sale Bike
Grand Illinois Trail Ride Iceland Connection?
Tools and Emergency Kit on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
Grand Illinois Trial Ride – Counter Clock Wise from Joliet
Day 1 Joliet to Elgin
The Lakefront in Chicago 101st Beach
The Golden Statue on a Roundabout on GITride01
WOW am I Really Averaging 11 MPH?
Thank You, God, for My New Bicycle
Giant Iguana Bicycle on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
The Sears Tower in its Autumn Haze
Home of the Bears on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
Chicago Lakefront Path Sea Worthy Luxury Yachts
The Standard Oil Building on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride 
Downtown Chicago: Standard Oil and Sears Tower
Taylor and Augusta On the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
So this is my First real “Century” 
Yea, I said a century PLUS
Ok maybe not so desolate
Elgin Riverboat on the Grand Illinois Trail
A nice bridge on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
American Barn Arabian Horse This is USA 
The American Dairy Farm
Went a little too far North too Soon. 
Riding Rockford in a maze
Symbol is the Official Rockford Sculpture 
The Little Lookout House on the Prairie
Arriving in Ridott 
Fall out on the Jane Addams entrance
Happy Cows on the Grand Illinois Trail?
Not a Blown Tube -A Blown Tire 
Don and Joy Save the Day!
Dubuque to Sibula Iowa on Highway 28
Church in Iowa Looks Like a Postcard
The Savanna bridge near Palisades State Park
End of Day 5 Galena via Dubuque to Savanna
Bridges of the Hennepin Canal Trail
My Camp on the Hennepin Feeder towards Sterling
Sleeping on the Road in Seneca
Riding Into Joliet, Powerhouse on the Right 
Your Hands Take a beating on the Grand Illinois Trail