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Registered at GITride NOW WHAT?



YOU SEE THE DASHBOARD: When you log into GITride.com, the first thing you will see is a somewhat “dull” dashboard that will allow you to change your user information.

Click on the left side of the top black stripe -it toggles between the GITride.com homepage and your dashboard.

Click on the right side of the top black stripe to edit your profile information or log out of GITride.com

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD: We strongly suggest you edit your user information, and change your login password to something perhaps easier for you to remember. We never see your password information so only the system can generate a new one for you. If you forget the password, you have to go through a system generated username verification process, kinda like “press 1 for Customer Service, press 2 for Shipping, etc.” only with email, so it should go without saying that it’s always best to keep your password information to yourself.

CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL SETTINGS: Simple settings like color of the dashboard, All profiles are left blank for the user to complete. All inputs are optional except username and email address.

POST A NEWS STORY for editorial review.

THE FIRST TIME YOU POST IN THE FORUM, (on the RIDE BOARD, LOCAL AD POSTS, DETAILED CONDITION REPORTS, etc.) You will need to leave the admin area by clicking on the left side of your GITride.com/Wordpress admin bar. This takes you to the GITride.com homepage. All pages at GITride.com have a top menu. Select FORUM from the top menu. A drop down box of forum locations is displayed. Click on whichever general forum area you wish to post.

Registered users note: If you are not logged in, You can use the login area at the top of any forum page instead of the top menu selection. This is a much more convenient option than using the top menu login page because you are logged in on the forum page. The other way, you’re taken to your member dashboard and have to navigate back to the place in the forum where you left off.