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Grand Illinois Trail Ride accepts news stories from its registered users directly. We will likely edit and totally change your Grand Illinois Trail Ride News Story submission and publish it.

Not really -but beware. we can for any reason. Probably won’t do much, maybe fix spelling or something like that. We really do reserve that right to decide what reflects favorably on GITride.com concerning UPDATES publications. If you are doing something bad illegal or immoral by any major religion or government in the world, please don’t do it here.

An UPDATES story would be an excellent complement to a rider reporters detailed trail condition report.

Ride Board scheduled events might be promoted through UPDATES too.

  1. Go to the Registration Page and register for the site
  2. Once Registered, log in, select “Posts” then “Add New” from your member dashboard
  3. Give your post a title, (using the Condition Report example): “MAP04 2012MAY  Washout near Sheffield Trail Report”
  4. Type in your news item, post a picture or two, (images auto-resized to a max 450 pixels x 450 pixels)
  5. Click the Save or Publish button when your story is finished and ready for approval
  6. Wait.

Editor approval could take 48 hours or more.

Other notes:

  • Uploaded Images are auto resized to maximum 460 pixels wide.
  • Shrink graphics to suit your layout / ad / post
  • Easy to read standard text fonts only please.