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This site is a resource for those who wish to do the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.

What is this?

A Website of contributions by and for the improvement of the Grand Illinois Trail ride bicyclist’s experience.  If you’re so inclined, become a free member.

Who are we?

We’re the guys/gals who live here. We keep the trail reports up to date. If you live near the trail help us support it by registering and becoming a contributor.

What are we trying to do?

We’re trying to develop a framework that will: with less effort, produce more results. Faster. A framework that benefits all user groups: Riders/Tourists, Business Owners, and Local Volunteers. We’ve set up some tools, that while clunky themselves, can get the job done.

For example: A few riders, in a few days can deliver an up-to-date status report for the entire 500 mile trail, delivering fresh information on trail condition. This benefits of course, the users, but also local minicipalities and volunteers who consider that part of the trail their own.

Beyond that, there’s a framework that offers users a way to interact with each other, get comprehensive preparation, and to find reliable, up-to-date comforts on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.


Trail Condition Reporting. A hiker or bicyclist on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride can find out what other users have reported for the section of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride they are on from two sources: Twitter hashtag reports and detailed forum condition report posts.

Que Cards With Turn-by-Turn Directions. Complete for all standard routes of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.

Complete GPS Maps Do the Grand Illinois Trail Ride without having to spend unnecessary time pulling out a map and navigating. GPS systems vary, so we made the files small enough so that even older model GPS will be able to handle them.

The Ride Board allows folks to coordinate schedules to do the Grand Illinois Trail Ride in company for section rides or loop attempts.

Annual Calendar of Attractions and Events and other useful information for every section of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride is provided by links on the Map homepages for the State Department’s of Tourism of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Up-to-Date and Business Information for Accommodation Food Bike Repair and Bicycle Clubs near the trail Grand Illinois Trail Ride. Completion of this section is more up to the Hotels, Motels, B&B’s, Rooms-for-rent, Restaurants, Bars, Food Carts, Bike Dealers, Bike Repairs, Bike Rental companies, Bike Clubs, Associations, and Bicycle Advocacy Groups that would cater to bicyclists on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride. etc. The businesses posting on GITride.com are required to complete the approval process, just like our users, so one should be able to expect a more authentic Northern Illinois Experience. In other words, if the business took time to post to a local website, they’re up to the task of recognizing the needs of the Grand Illinois Trail bicyclists.

Riders Stories are  different from the condition updates because they would focus on other features of the ride, not just the problems with the trail. Riders who complete their Grand Illinois Trail Ride within a 360 day period, and post their story here, will have a separate “landing page” and their choice of posting options. See Thrubiker’s example here.

No fee to post messages or Ad’s on GITride.com but registration with authorization is required. We hope that, by holding our advertisers and users to high standards of conduct and identity, we can significantly reduce any spam or heartache that would result from misuse of the website, email servers, forums, and any other electronic service with which you interact at GITride.com.