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The bicycle riders guide to The Grand Illinois Trail Ride gives you information to ride the course in segments (sections), or riding it all at once, thru-bike style. With complete GPS maps and detailed section information, kept current by its users, you'll have everything you need to make your Grand Illinois Trail Ride most enjoyable. How do you like to ride? See Riding Styles.

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Sep 24 Upgrade Update Erasure?

Some years ago a few users, who felt themselves tech savvy asked me if they could update the site. I felt obliged since this site is for the users of the Grand Illinois Trail. It was built by one user on the Grand Illinois Trail ride, me, and this seemed to be a prospect to help the site grow. People who posted their stories on did a fine job.

The users that were granted permission to alter the mechanics of the website caused technical problems. Keeping a website up is hard work. When something breaks or stops running it can be dozens of hours of work, even if you know what you are doing. For a long time, most of the navigation architecture was gone, and GITride looked and felt like “just another wordpress site”

2021 Sep: We are downgrading our server status. This change required some maintenance. That maintenance restored most of the site to its “pre-update” glory. The forum is responsible for much of the information contained in the site. It is broken. It needs some of those hours mentioned above.

This is very low on a list of high value priorities. I could be persuaded to change those priorities and do something about it. That persuasion would start with a cryptocurrency deposit and a phone call.

Send me two million shib (under $20USD) to get started. It’s a small amount and we can make sure the transfer hash works before you send me a billion shib

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