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The bicycle riders guide to The Grand Illinois Trail Ride gives you information to ride the course in segments (sections), or riding it all at once, thru-bike style. With complete GPS maps and detailed section information, kept current by its users, you'll have everything you need to make your Grand Illinois Trail Ride most enjoyable. How do you like to ride? See Riding Styles.

Chart of Loops






2021 August Update

Registrations are closed. All t-shirts will be distributed from deep storage and awarded to registered members after reverification of contact information. This website will be dismantled and sold for parts. User information will not be sold or exchanged and retained offline for the sole purpose of distributing awards and then burned. Most utilities have been deprecated. You cannot download the maps here any longer, or read real time twitter condition reports, for example, but you can still find valuable information if you are preparing a trip. As we enter the 2021 thrubike “season” for Northern Illinois (Sep-Nov) we hope to provide, in the coming weeks, an easy way for you to get free access to the GPS maps.

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