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20140806_112957 20140806_113007 20140806_113212 20140806_125423 20140806_125754 20140806_125800 20140806_130930 20140806_130935 20140806_134038 20140806_134042 20140806_142525 20140806_143205 20140806_143615 20140806_152022 20140806_152025 20140806_154342 20140806_154519 20140807_112851 20140807_112857 20140807_112901 20140807_113105 20140807_12551020140807_132248 20140807_132635 20140807_134633 20140807_140233 20140807_152409 20140807_152614 20140807_154503 20140807_155104 20140807_162649 20140807_164513 20140807_170119 20140807_171558 20140807_171626 20140807_171632 20140808_125426 20140808_125438 20140808_125458 20140808_125621 20140808_130710 20140808_134211 20140808_134219 20140808_135745 20140808_135837 20140808_145740 20140808_151035 20140808_151118 20140808_152053 20140808_152147 20140808_152940 20140808_153315 20140808_154356 20140808_16071308/05/14 I left the house earlier around 6 a.m. it was easier to get going since I had my bags packed and mounted. I took the cta to the loop rode my bike a couple of block to the Metra station. Lasalle st. station (nice building CBOE) asked a metra police to watch my bike good people. Metra to Joilet rode to the start of Section 3 Slammers minor league baseball stadium, Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park (GIT checkpoint), St Patrick’s Church, Illinois river/I&M Canal, Trail closed after Marseilles took the detour. I checked the gps and didn’t want to ride extra miles went up the hill toward the trail. The trail is graded for replacement. Went aroung the fence it was pushed back by other riders/hikers. Bridge totally dropped walked the bike on the wall crossed the river. I&M Canal State Trail Gebhard Woods State Park 3:46 p.m. ranger station, nice straight trail just keeps going and going. I figured don’t think about how far I’ve got to go just enjoy the ride. I used my I-pod off and on. I really used it when the bugs started in on me. Nice Bridge built in 1995 before Ottawa, M. J. Hogan Grain elevator in Seneca. Tanked up at caseys gas station and drank gatorade/h20. Open country leading to Marseilles. Used a country road a little ways next to the trail. almost hit a racoon with my front tire. The trail narrows to a single trak! Made it to Ottawa spent the night in the hotel. 08/06/14 –Decided not to use the tent/sleeping bag. I will use them (4 season tent winter bag) in the spring for sections 5,6,7, and half of 8. Too many mosquitos! They would follow me so in the evening breaks were short.  Ottawa visitor’s center and Reddick Mansion, Lincoln and Douglas statues in Washington Park. Fox River, Collector office, nice rock east of Lasalle and trail washed out go around the left side path to the little bridge totally flattened use the boards walk across and up the hill. A huge oak tree across the trail just east of split rock, Split rock, lock 14 3:41 p.m, rode to Princeton slept in the hotel. 08/07/14– Slept in 10:15 a.m checked out. Huge bridge called Captin swift really nice. Cool steel bridge, Nice lock, Another huge steel lock, Tunnel- I rode through just keep your head down and be alert, Hennepin Canal Parkway Visitor Center 3:34 p.m, selfe HCPVC, Alert Bridge out I-80 with construction going on crane and everything; I’m thinking now what? I see a little mark in the grass toward I-80. I follow it to a little fence and go around/over the wire. walk on I-80 construction site. I walk my bike south then start to ride south 300 yards, then cross I-80 Eyes Peeled, shoulder north to the bridge down the ditch through the grass to the other side. I made it now back to riding! Very wide open country! Nice lock, aqueduct no.4 Coal Creek (nice), Geneseo Hotel slept in checked out 10:15 a.m. 08/08/14 -Green river bridge, Green river, Lock goes under the river, Warning Trail washed out take hard right to the path around. I stopped took a break camera blacked out right a a doe and two fawns came along the edge in the  corn field 30 yrds. Missed the photo but good memories. I hit paved trail sweet crusing easier wooooo I almost hit this ground hog on the corner of a bridge! Stopped for a photo, Rock River sweet, Moline Prison, Empire Park East Moline/Heritage Center Hampton. Selfe EP Moline! Mighty Mississippi, Going to the East Moline Airport Mississippi River, GIT signage, River boat, Rented a car, had huge great steak at Montana Jacks near the airport, Drove back east stayed at my parents west of Dekalb. Drove home to the city on 08/09/14. Great GIT Sections 3&4! I hope you like the photos!20140805_062712 20140805_063533 20140805_090550 20140805_092006 20140805_092243 20140805_09250720140805_092600 20140805_092624 20140805_092716 20140805_092723 20140805_092731 20140805_092734 20140805_092754 20140805_093216 20140805_093932 20140805_094040 20140805_094045 20140805_121533 20140805_122807 20140805_124932 20140805_124936 20140805_124943 20140805_124947 20140805_153105  20140805_15335920140805_15400320140805_15455620140805_15494020140805_16020920140805_16361320140805_16364420140805_16364820140805_17453620140805_18030420140805_18464120140805_195659


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