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Christopher Eccher section 2
07/24/14 Slept in checked out 10:45.
Quick breakfast. Old Plank Trail nice. Matteson, Railroad Park, Caboose car, Nice houses, Outdoor auto shoe frankfort sweet Charger my dad had one I remember that 4barrel 440 v8 sweet! Mosquitos are coming around me when I stop long straight trail-Don’t think about the miles enjoy the ride. Slammers park, Casino, I&m Canal Trail Brandon st. Checked in the hotel ate at steak and shake. Crashed had to make the morning train Metra to downtown.  This 40 mile day got easier than yesterday. see my photos in this site. I’m glad I got The complete Grand Illinois Trail Guidebook I love the info. and the GIT Check points (Trail Blazer Program) in the back it helps so much to make sure to visit these point along the route. I hope you enjoy my photos. Got on the Thorn Creek Trail (see photos ) sweet I pumped for the days ride. nice signs and historical info/photos/maps. Nice Stream (see photo). Rail Fan Park nice signs/maps, historical info. (see photos). OLD PLANK ROAD trail sweet! (see photo). Illinois Central R.R. 9951  (see photos). Matteson OPRT  (see photo). Canal nice wet lands, birds, prarie.(see photo). Took a break nice stairs and saw other nice little bridges to back yards nice.  (see photo).Watch out for crossings you got cars coming some fast. You gotta watch and stop. Great house  (see photos). I was tempted to knock on the door and ask I they could rent me a room but I was rested, going to joilet and decided I didn’t want to get arrested. Frankfort Nice Grainery /town auto show/ Old Plank Trail Sign pimpin for the camera. (see photos). Sweet Bridge (see Photo). Had to use the bathroom saw these porta toilets. Nice Baseball Park!(see photos). New Lenox (see photo). Joilet Bridge/Casino/Bardge/Brandon St. I&M Canal Signs/Maps/Historical Info. (see photos). Metra/CTA-Back  home; put my rig up on this wall for my big finnish to sections 1&2! Along the trail I always stop to snap a photo if I see something interesting. I hope you like my photos. I hope you have fun riding Section 2; I know I did!





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