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Section 1 Maywood to Lansing

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My name is Christopher Eccher. I decided to ride the GIT in sections classic loop followed by all of the alternates 767 miles TOTAL GIT I call it. I could change the order such as half of 8 and complete 9 then 4,5,6,7,half of 8, then alternates. I am using public trans CTA, METRA, Amtrak, and car rental. I found out about the GIT because I decided I was too busy to go hiking 14ers in Colorado this summer. I also will through hike The Colorado Trail (CT) hiking 550miles in 2 months when I retire from teaching. I am hoping to inspire everyone at Nathan S. Davis Elementary School-staff, parents, and students to be active (Chicago Lives Healthy Program) and healthy as well. I wondered if their was an Illinois trail and that’s where this site and the DNR site gave me the plan to do it. I have a 20in foldable bike I bought to put it the trunk, go to my mechanic, ride to work, use to ride to the lake, easy storage, and use on public trans. It is a six speed. I decided to use this bike since I could utilize public trans and I already owned it. I decided to just put all my photos up here instead of having everyone just read about it. I bought a front bag, rear rack, bed roll, tent, lights, SEAT CUSHION a must, and tire opener, pump, grips, slimed the tires, and an extra tube. Well I’m off 7/23/14-woke 4:30 am ouch. It took me 3.5 hours to leave the house! I was really thinking it over and getting food,water, clothes,MAPS and bags set. I ordered The complete GIT guide book by Todd Volker great for making sure of GIT check points. Food,hotel, bike repair, and historical info. Left 8am! took the L-train to the loop connected to the blue line. I had to fold my bike Rush Hour! Went throught the turn stile Blue line to Forrest Park rode to 5th ave. GIT start Maywood to Lansing. Wow almost 10 am I’m worried about making it to Lansing before dark I didn’t train at all for this I just figure I could ride 8-9 hours eat my food/h2o as I go and eat a good dinner. Section 1 tuff urban ride; lots of city traffic used the bike lane. I hope it will be easier later. Route finding but downloaded the maps and printed them a must for you cannot trust the cell even with 6 batteries. River Forrest nice histrical homes and fresh h20 at the park tanked up. Rested on a bus bench just west of halsted tired! Wondering if I can do it got back at it. Once I got to Navy Pier I was pumped to do it and once I reached Lansing I knew I will do the complete GIT 767! I forgot my Ipod killed my batteries listening to “Into The Wild” sound track on utube. Stopped by just before Calumet Park canal my old boating ground, new development that got stalled because of 08 melt down nice road but had to double back! I missed the pic for William Powers State Area dead batteries! Not happy-but I learned to conserve power and use the ipod next time. The ipod was good for section 3-4; good for relaxing/getting a rhythm. I will attach photos. I was dead tired 40 miles stayed in the hotel lansing killed the Ihop, rode to joilet the next day see section 2 then metra home. I needed that king bed to rest my legs. Once I got to Lansing I knew I was hooked and could do 40miles a day as a pace. Didn’t use the tent/bag but need them for sections4-8.5 a 6day ride. see my pics I hope you like them. I took many!

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