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GITride Covers 767 miles in trail reports. Overnight.

gitride_130x130When you ask bicycle riders what kinds of issues they encountered on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride, their chief complaint always seems to concern routing and unexpected hazards that they would have rather avoided.

GITride addresses this need with a user-driven, volunteer, hazard identification system. A system that benefits all user groups: Riders/Tourists, Business Owners, and Local Volunteers.

We’re prototyping some tools that, while a little clunky, can get the job done.

Right now,
and with little effort.

By utilizing the interactive reporting system, a few riders can deliver an up-to-date status on trail condition, closures, and detours for every map on the trail. That’s about 767 miles.  There are 13 maps. All maps are under 80 miles. Two or three people per map could complete the review in five or six hours. Simultaneously.

The framework wasn’t developed overnight, but now, the data certainly can be.

In one place.
User Driven.

This benefits of course, the users, but also local municipalities and volunteers who consider that part of the trail their own.

Be a rider reporter. No registration required.
Find out more here.


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