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GITride website improved to enhance bicyclist user experience

Grand Illinois Trail Ride

We’re pleased to announce that the website backbone has been reinforced. It’s stronger, faster. Able to make your experience here quicker and more gratifying.

If you were a visitor of GITride.com over the last few weeks, you wouldn’t have noticed anything different.

However, if you attempted to log in and actually use the collection of tools we are offering, it would have been quite a different matter. Every control button you pushed on the website resulted in wait times. Pages would sit in queues for up to 60 seconds before they would appear on your screen. This was the case 80% of the time. Very annoying.

GITride.com, now, with less wait times. Still going to happen, but should happen much less.

Why would anyone want to REGISTER and wait anyway?

  • Free DOWNLOADABLE GPS MAPS of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
  • Set up your own Grand Illinois Trail Ride -use the RIDE BOARD
  • Tell your experience completing the Grand Illinois Trail Ride
  • Free GITride Trailblazer profile page to qualifying users.
  • Set up a ride focusing users to your service on the Grand Illinois Trial Ride
  • Submit NEWS UPDATES for approval
  • Participate in GITride Events and Promotions
  • Report or Get a trail condition heads-up -two sources:
  •      a.) Twitter and
  •      b.) GITride Trail Condition MAP FORUMS

GITRide Updates Website Hardware to Improve Bicyclist User Experience

Thank you for sticking with us. More to come.


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