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Trail Reports are a great way to keep everybody in the Loop

The Grand Illinois Trail Ride is a top notch USA athletic tourist venue in Northern Illinois.
We were looking for a better way to keep trail information updated; both for those who use it, and those who maintain it. Trail Reports seemed to be the answer.

Trail reports come to the site from two independent sources:

  1. Twitter users (This is how to do it), and
  2. GITride Users Detailed Trail Report forums

Trail users could use their mobile device to note problems and detours that exist ahead of them. They could also publish a quick trail report on twitter to note problems that fellow riders might want avoid. Keen registered GITride users might investigate or summarize twitter sightings into a forum posting that would help local custodians to be identified and called to action. Detailed reports can be used by/for local governments to address local priorities on their portion of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.

GITride’s priority is to be a graceful framework of positive interaction concerning this Northern Illinois Gem. Our scaffolding might be a little weak, (BETA) but the concept should be pretty clear:

It is GITride’s goal to be the best source for everything to aid a cyclist in their journey on the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.

We strive to achieve that goal by providing: Detailed Trail Reports, GPS Map Downloads, Twitter news reports, Rider suggestions for bicycle and camping equipment, spurs / alternate maps, electronic gear, provision, diet and nutrition as they relate to the various riding types: Racing, Touring, Thrubiking, Section Biking, and anything else our readership requests en masse in line with that goal.

This site is interactive, and acts as a focal point for the maps, spurs and alternates of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride.  It serves a pretty large special interest group that includes: Bicycle Riders, Hikers,  Girl and Boy scout packs, international tourists, adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, Hotel, Motel, Room, all type of Accommodation Providers, Food Beverage, Caterers, Restaurants, & Candy Bar vendors. Bicycle Repair, Sales & Services, Bicycle Clubs, Associations, Organizations, County Forest Preserve Districts, Department of Natural Resources, State Park Management, Cities, Townships, County and any other government agency in Northern & Central Illinois, Eastern Iowa, Southern Wisconsin, and Northeast Indiana. Basically, we aim to serve all groups who have an interest in the success of the Grand Illinois Trail Ride and its goal.

Please Join the effort and register at GrandIllinoisTrailRide.com – GITride.com  for short…

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